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Target Gilbert

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In 2018 we were contracted by Conlon Construction to do the painting, wall coverings and sealants at the Target store on Val Vista in Gilbert.

The interior scope of work was all the steel columns, most of the perimeter soffits above the merchandise display around the store. The Target red was being replaced with gray paint. There were a few places that we repainted the Target Red, but the Targets are mostly gray.

 We also painted the employee, training and managements offices New epoxy paint on all the door frames too.

 On the exterior we just painted the sign band after the Target sign letters were remove and replaced with just the Target Logo. That seems to be the new style for the Target nationwide.

 The building is a tilt up type of building and we cut out and replaced all the caulk joints. We colored matched the caulking in the areas where we were not painting. We also removed and replaced the caulking on all the curbing.


When doing a Target  the work is all done at night and all the merchandise along the wall has to be covered for painting and removed by the end of the shift so the store can be reopened in the morning. The gray walls used to be Target Red.

Target Gilbert Interior


Target Gilbert


Target Gilbert Red Wall


Target Gilbert Fitting Rooms


Target Gilbert Fitting Room


Target Gilbert Starbucks


Target Gilbert Customer Services


Target Gilbert Back of House


Target Gilbert Sign Band


Target Gilbert Exterior


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