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Although almost all equally priced paints will perform equally over time, not all feel the same in the application.

Paint products are a very important part of the painting contractor's tool box. A paint manufacturer's particular product can be as important as a favorite brush is to the painter. Just as a painter gets a feel for a particular brush, so is it with particular paints. You get a feel for the consistency of the paint, application and coverage of the paint. A painter gets paid by the application of the paint and knowing exactly what to expect of the paint helps in efficiency.

Every paint has an application consistency and an ability to cover over existing finishes. They also may differ in their ability to grip existing finishes. The professional painter gets used to these characteristics and depends on them.

Another little considered feature of a paint is the overall look of the sheen. Not all sheens look the same and some manufacturers don't particularly care to spend much on this detail. A less expensive paint can sometimes look as an apartment grade finish. For instance, our company uses mostly Benjamin Moore products because the performance and look are, in our opinion, superior to other paints. The Regal line of water-based acrylic finishes have a rich look to them compared to other paints on the market and that is very important to the pride we put into the job.

The Product Review section of our site is intended to give the reader insight into what a professional opinion is of a particular paint product. The features we will rate are

  • Adhesion
  • Coverage
  • Smoothing of the brush strokes
  • Look and feel
  • Durability

These reviews will be based on opinion and decades in the business and others may feel differently. We think the details we cover in these reviews will give the readers, both professional and do-it-yourself painters, a good insight into what paint they may want to buy for their project.