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How to Remove a Wallcovering Border

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So you decided you wanted to remove that wallcovering border on your walls. Well we are here to help. Removing wallcovering can be a complex problem. The reason it is so complex is because before you can strip it you have to figure out what kind of material you have on the wall. Some wallcoverings just peel off while others may never come off without destroying the drywall underneath the wallcovering. There are several types of wallcovering and each takes a different approach to remove. Here are some descriptions of the wallcoverings that may me on your wall:

  • ordinary paper wallcovering or wallpaper (not common but in older homes it is still around)

  • vinyl coated paper (some are strippable, some can be wet and removed, some need to be scored to be removed)

  • vinyl laminated to paper

So before you get started here are some tips to help determine the course of action in getting that wallcover off the wall.

  • First thing to do is try to just peel it off because, after all, in may be strippable

  • If the wallcovering peeled but left the paper backing attached the wall you will need to wet it to get it off

  • If the wallcovering did not strip or came off in little pieces you still may be able to just wet it

  • If wetting the wallcovering and keeping it wet for 15 to 20 minutes does not facilitate removal you may need to score the wallcovering with something like the paper tiger sold at places like Home Depot. It punches little holes in the vinyl coating and allows the water to penetrated though to the backing.

Some important things to keep in mind when you are soaking the paper. Just think of those dirty dishes that sat on the counter all night and the food harden on them and is like glue on the plate. You can try all you want to remove that food, but we all know the best way to get it off is to place them in the sink full of water and let them soak. After soaking the food comes right off. However if you don't wait long enough on the soak, only some of the food comes off. Unfortunately we can't fill our room up with water and let the wallcovering soak so we have to spray it with water. And keep it wet until the pastes softens. Let the water do the work. If you spray the wall and let it dry in spots, you are right back to square one and will have to wait for the water to soak all over again. It takes at least 15 minutes of staying wet for the wallcovering paste to soften. Sometimes even longer.

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