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Price List
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Painting Interiors
Commercial $0.40 - .075
Residential $0.50 - 0.65
Commercial $165/door
  Residential $ 125/door
  Commercial $65/frame
  Residential $75/frame
Painting Exterior
Stucco   $0.75-0.95
Block   $0.55 - 0.95
Wallcovering Installations

Note: Each Wallcovering installation is unique and prices will vary. We don't generally bid wallcovering by the roll anymore since the roll amount varies from manufacture and repeats can affect the amount of material. So we generally just give a room price based on all the varibles.

The prices below are ball-park figures to enable you to get an idea of what a wallcovering installation will cost and are based on single rolls.  A roll of wallcovering varies from manufacture and rolls may be packaged in double or triple rolls. Walls that are textured will need floated smooth and that needs to be added to the installation price.

Example: Kitchen with 10 single rolls will cost $500 to 750 to install wallcovering. If the walls need floated add another $400 - 600.

Kitchens   $50-75/ Single Roll
Baths $50-60/ Single Roll
Bedrooms   $48-60/ Single Roll
Float walls smooth   $1.65/sqFt
Texture walls   $0.75/sqft
All pricing is subject to conditions at each job. Your price may be higher or lower depending on your particular project.  


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