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Hyatt Regency

In 2019 we were contracted by Lombardi Contracting of San Diego to do the first and second floor remodel of this iconic Downtown Phoenix hotel.

The scope of work was to remove all the existing wall coverings in the common areas, prepare for wall covering, paint trim, doors and ceilings.

The Hyatt was built in 1976. The original wall coverings were hung with clay based vinyl adhesive. Since it was costly to remove the original wall covering without severe damage to the drywall, every remodel was installed over the original wall covering. The Hyatt wanted all the wall coverings removed.

So we removed the wall coverings and rebuilt the drywall for the new wall coverings. It was a very challenging process.

Below are some pictures of the process.


The remodeled Hyatt Lobby. The ceiling was dark brown and the lobby was very dark. With the new lighting and the new ceiling paint it looks fresh and open.

Hyatt Phoenix Lobby


Hyatt New Barrell and Bussel Cafe



This is what the walls on the second floor looked like when we were removing the wall coverings. There were 2 layers of wall covering on the walls with the bottom layer being the original wall covering from the 1976 construction. The brown paperbacked suede wall covering was hung over a heavy stipple wall covering and as you can see it was destroying the drywall finish. The wall covering was probably hung with straight Shur Stik 111 vinyl adhesive and was cemented to the wall. By removing the wall covering, we also pulled off all the drywall paper. Even some of the corner beadings were torn off too. All the loose drywall paper had to be sanded off sealed and re-coated with joint compound.

Hyatt 2nd Floor Wall Covering Removal


This is a picture of the Hyatt 2nd floor pre-function area.  .All the loose drywall  paper has be sanded off these walls and are ready for sealer.

Hyatt 2nd Floor Pre Function


After sanding a coat of Zinzer Gardz is applied to prevent blisters when the joint compound is applied.

Hyatt Phoenix WC Removal


The  area after almost complete.  


The finished pre-function area with new ceiling paint, wall coverings and painted doors. This carpet was temporary since the actual carpet hadn't arrived in time.

Hyatt Pre-Function at Meeting Rooms



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